Waxed Canvas, Leather and Pendleton Wool

It is important to state, undoubtedly, that Cecelia Stitch stands with the Black community. We feel grief for the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Manuel Ellis, and the countless others who came before them. Cecelia Stitch is against the police violence and systemic racism that makes such murders even possible. Black Lives Matter.


Motive Yoga Co. - Mazama WA

SFINGIDAY - Seattle WA    

September Shop - Ballard Seattle WA

Noteworthy Paper & Press Missoula MT 

Gathered Boutique - Twisp WA 
Brazen Shop + Studio  - Bellingham WA

El Sage Design -  MT Vernon WA     

Levitate Surf Shop - Marshfield MA    

Galanin + Klein - Sitka AK    

Jackson Trading Co.  Jackson WY

Mother to Arden Lou, wife of graphic designer Ryan Williams (Holy Mountain Brewery) and lover of well crafted goods.

Cecelia Stitch was established in 2016 as a creative side project/outlet to a daily 9-5 hustle while working within the bustling industry of Architecture & Design in Seattle,WA. 
The motivation to make it a full time business came when she was recruited to a larger corporate firm that lacked creativity and personality. She quickly decided to pursue her passion for handcraft and hasn't looked back since.
Over the past three years her skills and desire to create products that bring beauty and comfort with a rustic vibe to the lives of their owners has only strengthened. "Working with my hands is where I find myself most genuine, and I hope each Cecelia Stitch piece demonstrates that love" ~ Eve Cecelia

We source high quality materials from companies like Hermann Oak, Pendleton Woolen mills, YKK and Local shops like Macphersons Leather, Seattle Fabrics, for a high quality end product and design.

We use commercial grade waxed canvas that is technically superior to other waxed cotton fabrics in performance, longevity, and dryness of hand. the waxed canvas we use is an environmentally friendly blend of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes, and is completely non-hazardous. This unique formula gives the fabric lifelong resistance to inclement weather and as the fabric ages, it develops a well-worn and comfortable patina. The patina develops with more and more use, in the same manner that leather ages and burnishes with time.

Growing up my mother constantly demonstrated a love of art and creativity, she always supported my desire to discover and learn many crafts, and I will forever be impressed and impacted by her ability to illustrate, paint signs, portraits, and lead a room of children in an art lesson with a special kind of magic. *Cecelia was my grandmothers name and is also my middle name.

General strap careSimple oils such as mineral oil, neatsfoot oil work well. Simply rub in a light coat evenly, then buff it with a clean dry rag. You can repeat these steps as many times as you like, but keep in mind that conditioning leather usually darkens it slightly (this is normal). New vegetable tanned leather straps will darken to a caramel color with time and use, getting better with age.

Shake or brush off dirt, sand or any other abrasive material.For small spots, use cold water and mild soap, and a sponge or brush. With a little soap, gently massage the spotted surface. Rinse with a sponge and cold water. Let the bag air dry. Never store wet. If re-waxing I highly recommend Otter wax.

Spot clean only, brush with a lint brush and air out between wearings.
Preventing Moth Damage.
Moth damage typically occurs during storage or when wool garments aren’t worn regularly. Brush your wool  regularly with a lint brush..
Clean wool articles before storing. Soiled wools (even those with invisible body oils) are more likely to attract moths.• After cleaning, store wools in an airtight bag or container.• Mothballs and crystals are very effective.